About Father/Son Quest

Father/Son Quest™ (FSQ) was developed to help fathers succeed in the transfer of a vision for, and commitment to, Biblical manhood. The first FSQ took place in 2000, created by a father searching for a milestone event in the raising of godly sons. Since our inception over 160 fathers and 227 sons have participated in this weekend.

The FSQ concept is sponsored by several churches, including River Valley Church (Apple Valley & other sites) and Bethlehem Baptist Church (Minneapolis, MN). This ministry is offered to all fathers regardless of your home church. We typically offer the Father/Son Quest Weekend in mid- to late September (Fri-Sat-Sun) and the end of May around Memorial Day Weekend. The facility arrangements limit each FSQ to no more than 12 father/son pairs.

The Father/Son Quest program is structured to begin teaching on a subject relating to manhood and/or Christ-like qualities in a group setting. However, completion and follow through becomes the responsibility of each father in a one-on-one session with his own son. The focus of the Weekend is not on a featured speaker, but on the father who is prepared and working on developing a deeper relationship with his son.

"This is time to become intentional about living life as a Christian man. It was a great way to honor my son. I wanted to show him how much I love and value him beyond his sports, school, etc. placing the true emphasis on his spiritual future and Christian beliefs."

-Recent comments from a FSQ father

Therefore teaching sessions at Father/Son Questâ„¢ are short in duration with springboard materials and activities to assist and guide fathers. It's the father who is best able to personalize and complete important discussions with lasting impact on his son.

In addition to teaching time, we provide fun outdoor activities for relationship building and fellowship. Our FSQ location is a camp called Wilderness North in the Superior National Forest of northern Minnesota (20 miles north of Two Harbors). The property covers more than 1,500 wooded acres surrounding most of Murphy Lake. Activities include fishing, kayaks and canoeing, hiking, shotgun shooting, campfires, and an evening sauna. Fathers gather a week or two in advance for a pre-trip meeting to start the preparation process and receive the teaching material.