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The next Father/Son Quest Weekend (FSQ#32) will take place Memorial Day Weekend; Saturday, May 27 - Memorial Day Monday May 29,2017. FSQ#32 will start with dads & sons driving up early Saturday morning (5/27) and returning home Monday 5/29 in the afternoon. We have FILLED all the father/son slots available for this weekend -- as of 5/3/2017.

Accommodations & Cost Information

You'll enjoy the privacy of individual cabin accommodations -- one small cabin for each of the 12 father/son pairs. Your log cabin includes a queen size bed, wood burning stove, propane heater, and oil lantern (no electricity). We provide lunch Friday through brunch Sunday morning and all the activities (hiking, fishing, canoeing, shotgun shooting, compass course, etc.) and complete program materials. The cost is $220 per father/son for the complete weekend (our first increase in 10 years). This weekend is open to fathers from any church. Special subsidized rates apply to members and regular attending families at Bethlehem Baptist Church. (All checks for this weekend should be made payable to "Bethlehem Baptist Church", payable upon registration.)

Key Dates and Times for the this Father/Son Quest

  • Saturday, May 20, 2017 - Required Fathers Pre-Trip Briefing, 8:30-10am at a centralized meeting location (often Bethlehem Baptist Church in downtown Minneapolis)
  • Saturday, May 27, 2017 - Depart the Twin Cities no later than 7:00am
  • Our weekend starts with an introduction lunch on Saturday following arrivals
  • We conclude on Memorial Day Monday, May 29 - Depart following mid-morning brunch (11:00am).

Making the Most of FSQ: Preparation Steps

To help you prepare and make this most of this weekend we provide the following:

Fathers Only Pre-Trip Briefing

Required for all fathers who will attend FSQ. We review all the travel and accommodations details with you at this meeting. We pray together. We review the curriculum together so you can prepare with your wife to address the three components of the weekend, which include:

[1] Communicating a personalized Blessing and Affirmation to your son,
[2] Developing and presenting a clear Biblical Vision of Manhood to your son, and
[3] Cultivating and explaining Key Qualities of Godly Men found in the Scriptures

What other Father's have experienced

"The whole weekend is crafted so well. I can't think of a better way to focus time on dad & son, and set a milestone of passage in the quest for godly manhood."

"It was a great way to honor my son. I wanted to show him how much I love and value him beyond his sports, school, etc. placing the true emphasis on his spiritual future and Christian beliefs."

"I loved the one-on-one time with my son. The time as father/son with a wonderful group of dads was an inspiration. When my son can listen and learn from other fathers -- not only listen but see the vision for manhood played out -- it is awesome!"